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Carrington Seconds – As Low As $1.12 Per Stick

We began carrying the Carrington brand about a year ago, and pretty much instantly they became one of our best selling mild smokes. The top-notch construction, smooth flavor and bargain price made these a hit with mild smokers everywhere. It seems like everyone who has given these a try has come back for more! Unfortunately for everyone who fell in love with these mild beauties, the factory has been a little on their production and they have been on backorder for a little while now. We have been doing everything we can to get more in quickly, but apparently the quality control at the factory has been part of the reason for the slowdown. While there is nothing we can do about it, we can reap the benefits. The quality control department has apparently been rejecting Carringtons left and right as “seconds”, I guess they consider them not good enough for the first run boxes, but good enough to get bundled up and sold to us. Seconds can certainly be a hit-or-miss proposition, sometimes you find a few stinkers in a bundle, or you can really tell a bad cap or defective wrapper. When the Carrington Seconds showed up I looked over the batch very carefully and could not tell the difference between them and the firsts for the life of me. They appear identical even under close scrutiny, and a sample smoke test confirmed that the flavor and burn are first run quality as well. The only place I noticed a significant difference was the bottom line on our bill for the shipment. We got a great deal on these, which of course we will be passing along, although if I was greedier I would be boxing them up right now to sell at full price. No one would notice if I did.

This is a chance for all you Carrington lovers out there to score this great blend at an absolute rock bottom price. The boxes are already a bargain at around $2 a stick, but the same smoke bundled up without bands is going to set you back $1.20 or less per tasty cigar. They are cheap enough that you could afford to sacrifice a couple bum sticks, but I sure do not expect you will have to. This is a serious bargain for any smoker who enjoys Carrington, or other premium mild bodied smokes like Macanudo, Avo, etc. I just hope they keep making these as “seconds” instead of going back to charging us more for the same smokes as “firsts”!