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How to Get Rid of Cigar Smoke Smell

There’s a certain aspect of cigars that’s haunted smokers for ages: the task of getting rid of that stubborn cigar smell. While you may enjoy a cigar (or two, or three) every now and then, the smell of smoke can linger long after you’ve taken your last puff. This is because the molecular makeup of …

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Zen & The Art Of Cigar Lighter Maintenance

Back in my BCP call center days there were a few recurring topics that I’d receive calls on weekly, without fail. Chief among those topics was Cigar Torch Lighter Maintenance. As convenient and efficient as most cigar torches are, they also require a little bit of know-how to keep them running smoothly, particularly if you’re …

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Cigar Gifts: The Definitive Guide

    If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re not a cigar smoker. Maybe you’ve been perusing cigar gifts for the aficionado in your life but all these brown sticks made of leaves look the same to you. “Is the wrapper important? What’s robusto mean? Why are there so many different cigars?!” If you feel a …

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9 Uses Of Empty Cigar Boxes

When individuals finish their boxes of wonderful cigars,  all that is left is the empty cigar box.     Many of these cigar boxes are made of sturdy wood  and are quite stylish. People become imaginative, we have heard that here are some common uses. Many cigar boxes are roughly 1/2 the size of a shoe …

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Accessorize Your Man Cave With Only The Best!

With football season here and the weather changing we know that now more than ever you’ll be spending more and more time in your man cave. What better way to whip that man cave into shape than accessorizing it with the best ashtrays, accessories, and other assorted trimmings BCP has to offer!   n white …

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