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Cigar Box Guitarists are Moving to the Mainstream

Cigar Box Guitarist Shane Speal just signed a record deal this morning. Paul McCartney played a cigar box guitar with the remaining members of Nirvana on Saturday Night Live recently. Justin Johnson was pulling in crowds in Tasmania, Australia last week.

It appears that Cigar Box Guitarists are moving to the mainstream. They have been with us since at least the 1840’s (prior to that cigars were shipped in crates) but since the modern cigar box people have always wondered what to do with them after the cigars were finished. In fact a few months ago we published an article outlining the 9 main uses of empty cigar boxes. Of course cigar box guitars were listed.

The neat thing about Cigar Box Guitars is that they are 100% completely recycled. They are the definition of green, as it’s a completely recycled product. The same could be said about anything else on the top 9 list (we are sure there are many more usages). So these artists are not only finding a way to recycle items in a sustainable way, they are learning to both earn an income AND entertain the masses with an item that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The level of innovation used to create something from what would be waste is amazing. We applaud the recent trend in moving these types of artists to mainstream, we hope it spurs a growing trend in not only recycling but also allowing for the item recycled to be used in a way that helps not only that individual but everyone around them (such as a concert for everyone using a recycled cigar box guitar).