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Cigar Essentials: Cigar Swami

Cigar Swami is Best Cigar Prices’ exclusive line of cigar humidifiers and humidification products. Cigar Swami Products arecigar swami precision engineered to maintain ideal conditions in your humidor to keep your cigars in optimal form for smoking. Cigar Swami ensures that your cigars will age exactly as they should.

Cigar Swami’s line of products includes Guru Crystal Humidifiers, Genie Hydro-Gel, and PG Potion, all created to keep your cigars in the best shape possible. Cigar Swami Cigar Guru Crystal Humidifiers are filled with unique crystals which, when hydrated with the Cigar Swami PG Potion, will ensure that your humidor stays at 70 percent relative humidity, the ideal humidity for cigars. These humidifiers are self-regulating so in addition to releasing water vapor they will also reduce the humidity level in your humidor if it becomes too high. Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Jars are filled with water crystals that release purified water vapor into your humidor to maintain 70 percent relative humidity. These humidifiers are anti-fungal, anti-mold, and are self-regulating.

Remember to always use Cigar Swami PG Potion to refill your Cigar Swami Humidifier. This propylene glycol solution is specially formulated for use in Cigar Swami Humidifiers to consistently maintain 70 percent relative humidity. Never use tap water or a 50/50 propylene glycol solution.

Cigar Swami Humidifiers and humidification products are highly recommended by the folks at Best Cigar Prices. Your cigars will be kept in great shape and the products are available at an unbeatable price point.