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Cigar Mobile App Question #2


Recently we asked a few questions regarding your thoughts on a Cigar App. Your feedback was helpful, very helpful.

There is one idea which we do need some help with, there were a few individuals which asked if there was an easy way to keep track of what’s in their personal humidor via an app. The idea is great however we are unsure of how to implement it. We believe (correct us if we are wrong) that it’s time consuming for people to enter the initial inventory and many cigar wrappers do not have bar codes or qr codes to scan.

Which means that there would be a large number of manual inputs. We explored and tested a Google Goggles type system but the recognition level was no where near where it would be considered a time saver (Sorry Google, you need to work on this more).

Leaving us with a question that we are hoping you can help us with. How would you implement such a personal humidor tracking system?