Cannibal Robusto by Caldwell Cigars

Caldwell’s Cannibal arrived on the scene without warning and with little detail regarding its enticing tobacco blend. Like a portent of premium pleasures to come, it arrived unexpectedly, adorned in skulls and shrouded in mystery.

Cannibal Robusto by Caldwell (5 x 52), bundle of 10 cigars

After a bit of digging, we were able to discern that the cigars were rolled in 2020 using aged Dominican filler leaves under a hearty Habano wrapper leaf, which explains their supernaturally smooth delivery of bold flavors. Tones of cacao, leather, and spices pour forth powerfully in each draw, leaving palates paralyzed with pleasure as the Cannibal devours unsuspecting smokers with its delicious charms.

Highly limited in availability, the compelling Cannibal will shock your senses into supreme satisfaction. Grab a bundle of 10 cigars right here while they last.

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