Oscar Valladares Heaven & Hell Oscuro Cigars

Representing the stronger side of Oscar Valladares innovative Heaven and Hell cigar series, the Oscar Valladares Heaven & Hell Oscuro Toro offers dark deliciousness to appeal to your primal urge for indulgence.

Oscar Valladares Heaven & Hell Oscuro Toro (6 x 52) box of 20 cigars

Cloaked in an oily Oscuro leaf grown in Nicaragua, this strong smoke is completed with aged Honduran fillers and a sturdy Mexican binder. In sharp contrast to its mellow counterpart, the Oscar Valladares Heaven & Hell Connecticut Toro, this robust release plunges the senses into decadent pleasures of earth, chocolate, cherry, and espresso that provide an invigorating escape.

From its inviting oily sheen and devilish winged bands to its rich and distinguished flavors, the Heaven & Hell Oscuro draws you in with irresistible charm. Give yourself over to the dark side at the lowest possible prices here.

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