George Rico El Enemigo Cigars

A special limited release under Gran Habano boss George A. Rico’s G.A.R. imprint, El Enemigo has arrived on our shelves after years of preparation.

George Rico El Enemigo El Insulto (5 x 52), box of 20 cigars

Breaking the Gran Habano tradition of Honduran-made cigars, El Enemigo is produced by Davidoff in the Dominican Republic. Rico has explained his recent partnership with Davidoff’s TabaDom factories as the result of his desire to break out of his comfort zone, learn from others, and elevate his cigar blending with new methods. With El Enemigo, this new era is off to a fantastic start. Wrapped in an oily Habano leaf grown in Ecuador, this medium-full-bodied blend is filled out with a sturdy Ecuadorian binder and a diverse blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Colombia. The resulting smoke is rich, rounded, and sophisticated in flavor, relaying complex notes of earth, espresso, and spices.

El Enemigo translates to “The Enemy” in Spanish, and this interesting name was chosen to reflect Rico’s battle with himself to shake free of routine and conquer his own self-imposed limitations. Judging by the taste of this thoughtfully-crafted blend, he’s winning the fight. Only 1,000 boxes per each of El Enemigo’s three available sizes are being released annually – grab yours here and shake up your humidor selection now.

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