Asylum Sensorium Cigars

Cuban-seed Piñareno tobacco was a mainstay of the Eiroa family’s Honduran tobacco farming operations for decades. Heralded as one of the tastiest tobaccos of all time, Piñareno’s bright and earthy quality was the calling card for some of the greatest cigars of yesteryear. When blue mold ravaged the countryside in 1977, this especially susceptible varietal was retired and has rarely been planted since. Now, a brand new crop of this legendary leaf has been painstakingly cultivated for the creation of the extraordinary Asylum Sensorium.

Asylum Sensorium 11/18 (6 x 52), box of 20 cigars

Incorporating Piñareno into a recipe of all-Honduran Corojo tobaccos covered in a deliciously dark wrapper leaf, the Sensorium exudes bold refinement in each draw. Carefully blended to stimulate all parts of the palate with its sweet, spicy, and savory flavors, this full-bodied innovation presents an exciting experience for fans of adventurous taste.

Packaged 20 to a box in your choice of stately 11/18 or thick 60 x 6 sizes, each with majestic presentation in individual branded coffins, the unparalleled Sensorium resurrects a brilliant dimension of unique flavor you’ve never had in your humidor before. Capture it now.

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