Kristoff Guardrail Cigars

What initially appears to be great misfortune can sometimes serve as the catalyst for great triumph. Case in point: the motorcycle crash that led to the creation of the Kristoff Guardrail cigar line.

During a visit to Oklahoma for an event in 2019, Kristoff brand founder Glen Case was in a major motorcycle accident. His back tire blew out while rounding a curve at about 65 mph, and Case crashed into a guardrail, suffering extensive injuries. After an eight-day hospital stay, he began an extensive recovery and rehabilitation period. During this time, he came to see his near-death experience as a “new lease on life” and started conceptualizing a cigar line to commemorate the ordeal.

Kristoff Guardrail Robusto (5 1/2 x 54), box of 20 cigars

Naming the cigar for the guardrail he struck, Case decided on a blend consisting of a robust Brazilian Maduro wrapper, sturdy Dominican binder, and choice Dominican leaves alongside rare tobaccos from Zimbabwe, Africa as fillers. The Guardrail’s diverse assemblage of premium leaves opens the door to a deep and rewarding range of flavors with tones of caramel, cocoa, sweet cedar, cream, and spices – a remarkable tribute to Case’s life-changing encounter.

Available in three unique sizes, each carefully rolled and finished with a handsome pigtail cap, the medium-bodied Kristoff Guardrail presents a meaningful smoke that reminds us of humanity’s splendor and fragility. Enjoy it at the lowest prices right here.

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