PDR El Vinyet Cigars

PDR brand owner Abe Flores has always been a “hands-on” type of cigar boss, and with his latest release, he’s taking that approach quite literally.

PDR El Vinyet BF52 Belicoso Fino (6 1/2 x 52), box of 10 cigars

A limited series of vitolas made in the Dominican Republic at Flores’ PDR factory, El Vinyet is a full-bodied smoke crafted from Ecuadorian, Indonesian, Dominican, and USA tobaccos with the unique distinction of being hand-bunched by Flores himself before the rollers apply its Ecuador Habano oscuro wrapper leaf. A first for the company and a tangible reflection of Abe’s passion, El Vinyet offers a zesty and full profile loaded with smooth woody and nutty tasting tones.

Limited to only 200 boxes of each size, this small-batch blend will eventually be available in five sizes, with each individual size being trickled out throughout the remainder of the year. Right now, we have the Robusto Clasico (5 x 52) and the Belicoso Fino (6 1/2 x 52) in stock and ready to ship at the lowest possible prices.

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