La Barba Ricochet San Andres cigars

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. As comedian Michael Che pointed out, “that’s why they put covers on books in the first place!” In some cases, the same goes for cigars. Take, for instance, the La Barba Richochet San Andres. Just one glance at its alluring Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf will clue you in to the depth of hearty flavors it holds, and the plot only thickens once you light it up.

La Barba Ricochet Robusto (5 x 50), box of 25 cigars

Handmade at the acclaimed Tabacalera William Ventura factory in the Dominican Republic, the Ricochet San Andres is the darkest and strongest offering from the boutique La Barba brand yet.
Beneath its gorgeous cocoa-hued wrapper lies a sturdy Indonesian binder and long-fillers from the Dominican, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania – a recipe for riveting robust taste and relaxing rich character.

Unlike some cigars that take a while to build up complexity, the Ricochet San Andres offers a wealth of layered flavors right off the bat. Balanced tones of coffee, sweet chocolate, cedar, and cream lead the charge, joined by nuances of earth, dark fruitiness, and herbal notes as its razor-straight burn progresses.

In an era where new cigar releases are more abundant than ever, the Ricochet San Andres easily stands out from the pack. Enjoy it here at the lowest prices and kick off a new chapter of dark and delicious excellence in your humidor now.

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