Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 Cigars

A small batch release offered only to retailers in attendance at the 2023 PCA convention and trade show, the Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 brings you a full-bodied banquet of the richest flavor.

Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 11/18 (6 1/4 x 52), box of 20 cigars

Rolled using an undisclosed blend of tobaccos grown on parent company CLE’s recently established farm in an unspecified South American country, these limited edition cigars are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Their bold profile, however, comes through loud and clear, offering an earthy and piquant taste backed by the brand’s signature full strength. Asylum Co-founder Christian Eiroa views the blend as a kind of re-affirmation of Asylum’s established identity as a go-to brand for bold flavor and power, stating, “The CLE Cigar Company will be very bullish going forward with this tobacco from our new South American farm.”

Available in a range of unique vitolas with just 150 boxes per size produced, this exciting release is sure to vanish quickly – enjoy it at the lowest prices here.

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