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Cigar Pairings with Michael Giannini (Video)

In this brief video Michael Giannini of General Cigar talks about cigar pairings and gives some unique suggestions on how to better enjoy your cigars and spirits. Watch here:

What are some of your favorite cigar/beverage combos?


So cigar pairings. What’s a great beverage or spirit or libation to smoke with one of my products? So that’s a really tough question. Again, there are five things you can taste: sweet, sour, salt and bitter. Some guys like scotch. I personally like vodka. I’m a big vodka drinker. And what I love about that is I really think that your palate is in tune and you gravitate towards either brown spirits, or white spirits, or beers, or wine, depending on what your palate is acceptable or what works for your system.

So when you smoke a La Gloria Cubano, I love drinking Cuban coffee with that cigar, and at times I like having Diet Pepsi with that, and at times I’ll love having Diet Coke. And there’s a reason why I like those, because those are the things I can taste. So my thing is if you love any of those spirits, or you just like an iced tea and then that pairs really nicely with your cigar it’s really about a very subjective experience for you and what really enhances the flavor.

What I do recommend though is if you have a Serie R I would match that up with something that is comparable in flavor and tastes profile because you don’t want something very mild as far as a beverage, meaning that it doesn’t add a lot that stands up to what the Serie R is. That’s kind of one of the critical rules. So you want to have those two in balance so they both enhance each other.

And so as you’re experimenting, try some different things because that’s kind of what we do as human beings. We love to eat and we love to smoke cigars. And it’s all about taste and sensation and flavor and the experience. And being around great friends and great acquaintances actually enhances that experience as well. So if you’re smoking alone, that’s a great time to really focus in on life and focus in on what you want to do with your life and where you’re going or just contemplating that. But I’ve learned that hanging out with a lot of great friends or new acquaintances, smoking a cigar, sometimes the beverage really doesn’t matter. It’s all about the company and the cigar. And that’s what I recommend as pairings.