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Cigar Pairings With Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars (Video)

In this week’s video Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars shares his unique take on cigar pairings:

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Hello, my name is Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars. I want to talk about a little bit about pairings. We all know how the understanding of pairing cigars with bourbon, whiskey, and different types of liquors and cognac. I take a different approach. I’m a musician. I have a passion for music, 40 something years, and I really believe that a cigar can mean joy, the same concept as pairing it with liquor as with music. As a jazz musician, there are a variety of different types of music. There are ballads. There are blues. There’s Latin. There’s classic jazz. I think pairing doesn’t only apply to the liquor, but it applies to the moment. When someone smokes a cigar they’re smoking a cigar and enjoying it. It’s personal. If you find the right ambiance that’s created with the right kind of music for the moment, it enhances the pleasure of enjoying a good cigar.

I personally enjoy cigars sometimes by myself after a hard day’s work and just decompressing with a nice ballad, maybe a John Coltrane ballad, maybe a Frank Sinatra ballad. It enhances the moment in how I feel. You can also enjoy it in the company of other smokers, in a social gathering and you have some nice contemporary, smooth jazz in the background. It adds to the experience of enjoying a good cigar. Whatever it is that you like to listen to when you’re smoking a cigar, to me that’s also pairing. If you feel like tapping your feet to the music and enjoying the moment, it enhances it.

So give music, jazz, blues, whatever it is that you feel like at the moment an opportunity to kind of keep you company, be a companion when you’re smoking a cigar, and I think you’ll appreciate it.