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Cigar Party Sailboat Charters!?

Annapolis Cigar Party Sailboat Charters – Photo from

If you’re in the mood to get away we think we found just the thing. We recently came across something that really impressed us and made us extremely jealous at the same time. A sailing company out of Annapolis, Maryland offers some pretty amazing sailing excursions but the one we’re drooling over is the Cigar Party Sail.

The Liberte’ Schooner (boat) offers sailing, comfort and fun for just about everyone, from weddings to corporate sailing events, there is something for everyone. The Cigar Party Sailboat Charters offer up a unique and relaxed adventure for the cigar aficionado in all of us. The Liberte’ is the only boat  that allows smoking, making this an exclusive experience.

Whether you’re in a cigar club or just want to hit the open seas with your buddies and enjoy a premium cigar, this cigar party is guaranteed to be relaxing. The best part is, you can actually enjoy your stogie and not have to worry about anyone complaining about the smell! Once the sale is over guests are able to walk to downtown Annapolis to enjoy the small town charm of this picturesque coastal town. Chances are you’ll have a great time!

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