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Cigar Rant – If you Think you Won’t Like it, Try it Anyway

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, particularly reviews, you know I tend to make some generalizations about the cigars I like. Since day one, I’ve been a strong proponent of full-bodied cigars and cigars with dark wrappers, and I’m fairly, hell, obnoxiously vocal about that. Once upon a time, that meant I’d completely avoid smoking cigars with Connecticut wrappers because it so happened that the first few crappy cigars I had were Connecticut-wrapped.

yes, I did have to use this one again

But somewhere in the midst of the 65-or-so reviews I’ve written for this blog, I’ve realized the importance of trying cigars that you assume you’re not going to like. When I first started reviewing cigars, I was given plenty of stogies I thought I’d hate solely based on the fact that they had lighter wrappers. But after smoking more than a handful of tasty-as-hell Connecticut-wrapped cigars, my hatred for this golden, silky leaf has all but disappeared. Sure, when it’s done right, I prefer a maduro or Corojo wrapper, but if somebody can create a flavorful and interesting smoke with a lighter, smoother wrapper, I’m all for it.

What it boils down to is that a good cigar is a good cigar, regardless of the wrapper shade. In the same way, a crappy cigar is a crappy cigar. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you only smoke Criollo-wrapped cigars. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have your own preferences, but if you limited yourself to only one type of cigar, you’d be cheating yourself in two ways. First of all, the more you smoke a cigar you know, the more disappointing it’ll be when you get a bad one. Secondly, if you only smoke one type of cigar, you’d never be surprised when you got a good one, because you’d theoretically already know the full potential of that blend.

On the other hand, if you take the shotgun blast approach and smoke everything you can, you’ll at least be pleasantly surprised every once in a while. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grimaced at the sight of an unappetizing-looking cigar, only to find myself really enjoying it just a few minutes later.

Maybe I just feel this way because I’m a relatively new smoker, and I haven’t tried everything there is to try yet (I still have yet to smoke anything with a candela wrapper—any recommendations?), but it seems like my list of favorite cigars changes about every two months. Looking back on my Top 5 post, I’d say that I’d only two or three of those are still my absolute favorites. That’s not to say they’re not all great smokes, but I have definitely tried better since then.

So anyway, the point of this rant is just to say that if you see a cigar you think you won’t like, try it! What do you have to lose? Six or seven bucks? I’d rather potentially waste money on a cigar I don’t care for than play it safe all the time and never try anything new. We’ll always have our standby smokes, but every once in a while, ditch your favorites and try something you’d never think to try. Being pleasantly surprised every once in a while is well worth it.

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