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Cigar Review – Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto

I’ve said before that I’ve enjoyed every cigar that I’ve reviewed on this blog so far, but every once in a while one of them hits the nail right on the head. The Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto is one of those cigars. I’ll start by saying that it should rightfully be called the Quintuple Maduro, because that thing is made with not three, but FIVE different types of Maduro tobacco. Triple, though, is a little easier to market, and refers to the fact that the wrapper, binder, and filler on this thing are entirely comprised of thick and robust Maduro leaves.

The outer leaf on this cigar was so thick that I had to put some effort into punching the cap. The construction was so solid that I thought the draw would be tough, so I was prepared to hack off some more of the cap with a guillotine cutter if the punch was insufficient. Man, was I wrong—this cigar had one of the easiest draws I’ve ever come across. Pre-light flavors lingered on pepper and very traditional tobacco taste with a little bit of extra richness that I can’t put my finger on.

Lighting up the cigar took a bit of extra time because of the thickness of the leaves, but once it was lit, it didn’t let up. Immediately I got plumes of smoke with notes of bitter baking cocoa and espresso and a pepper blast that was almost too much for me. It mellowed out a little after the first half inch and that bitter baking cocoa got sweeter and sweeter. When the pepper subsided, it really allowed that chocolate note to shine through. Throughout the smoke I was drinking Dr. Pepper, which I would never have picked had I not heard so many smokers swear by it.

About halfway into the smoke, the spice ramped up again, though not to the extreme that it was at during the first few puffs. A pronounced woody note came through out of nowhere, reminding me of how complex and unpredictable Camacho’s cigars can be. Further in, that woodiness faded into the background and the cocoa came back, reminding me of a spicy version of the crispy edges around a tray of freshly baked brownies. I think the brownie flavor was enhanced by the Dr. Pepper—the sweetness really allowed those chocolate tones to shine through while they kept the pepper in check a little. A subtle caramel note provided a perfect sendoff up until I set down the one-inch nub.

I think the Robusto was the perfect size for this smoke, at least for my level of nicotine tolerance; anything more than that would’ve been a bit much for me. I did, however, smoke four cigars yesterday, so I was probably a little more prepared for this beast than I would’ve been normally. My advice is to eat a big meal (in my case, a Five Guys burger and about two pounds of fries) before enjoying one of these heavy hitters, and don’t be afraid to take your time with it.

But don’t get me wrong—this isn’t one of those cigars that are just there to test your smoking prowess. It’s a legitimately flavorful cigar with some of the deepest chocolate character I’ve ever tasted that just happens to be a stick of nicotine dynamite. Here’s to yet another intimidating yet triumphant offering from Camacho!

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