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Cigar Review – Corazon Toro by Davidoff

Corazon Toro(6x50) by Davidoff

Falling into the recent trend of  high-end manufacturers putting out budget-priced cigars is the Corazon by Davidoff. This medium-bodied offering combines an Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper with aged Dominican binder and filler leaves, and sells for as low as less than $3 a stick. Considering the fact that this wallet-friendly stogie is made by the same guys that gave us Avo and the Griffins, I was curious to see what the Corazon had to offer, especially at such a manageable price-point. I chose the Toro (6×50), and put it to the test.

The cigar sported a silky Connecticut wrapper and appeared to be pretty solidly constructed and evenly filled. A dry tasting gave off soft notes of nutty and buttery flavor, coupled with some rich tobacco. After toasting the foot thoroughly, it lit up evenly and with no problems.

My first impressions were close to what I got from the pre-light, notes of butter and nuts accompanied a very rich and pungent tobacco flavor. This stick was, however, a bit more robust than I was expecting, at least initially, and while there were no peppery notes present, I felt the aged Dominican filler tobaccos read a bit spicy.

After a quick purge in the 2nd third, the flavors stayed fairly consistent, but took on a new smoothness. The smoke was creamy, full, and held well-balanced flavors, showcasing the adept blending that went into the cigar. The spiciness died down a bit to make room for the smooth wave of bold buttery flavor that had been building, and the stick was still burning razor-straight.

During the final stretch notes of hay and coffee emerged, adding a new dimension to the stogie, and right towards the end I detected just a bit of white pepper on the finish. This cigar seemed to almost work backwards, with the last third being the smoothest and tastiest portion of the stick. Just as the healthy grey/black tiger-striped ash I had accumulated finally dropped to the pavement I decided to wrap it up.

Throughout the entire cigar the draw was easy and open, and the burn never wavered. That alone scores big points for any cigar in my book, especially one with a price tag as modest as this. This stogie didn’t wow me with major complexity or extravagant flavors, but it did deliver consistent, tasty smoke and was absolutely maintenance-free. While not the usual type of cigar one would expect from Davidoff, the Corazon would certainly make an excellent “everyday” smoke because of both its affordability, and its solid taste and performance. Hey, they can’t all be Avo #2’s, right? I deem the Corazon worthy of a humble smoke anytime, and give it a well-deserved grade of B+.

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