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Cigar Review – Don Lino Black Toro

Don Lino Black is a new maduro-wrapped version of Miami Cigar Co.’s value-priced Don Lino cigars. Sold in bundles of twenty-five, Don Lino Black is handmade in Honduras with a blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, and an Ecuadorian maduro wrapper. Coming from Miami Cigars, the same guys responsible for La Aurora and Nestor Miranda stogies, I had high hopes for this value priced offering and chose the Toro size (6 x 50) to torch up for today’s review.

At a glance, the cigar appeared well-constructed and evenly filled. The Ecuadorian maduro wrapper was dark, mottled and veiny, sporting a simple, shiny black Don Lino band with some gold embellishment. Pre-light notes were medium-firm, and tasted of coffee and rich molasses.

Upon lighting up I was met with a dry cocoa taste, accompanied by accents of espresso flavor. A bit further in I got notes of wood and hay, and was starting to build a thick light-grey ash. The burn had started off with a noticeable lean to it, but nothing too crazy.

As I burned into the 2nd third some creamy character piped up, smoothing out the smoke a bit, and I noticed a nice sweetness on my lips from the wrapper. The flavor profile was not very complex, it was still woody, a little bit leathery at times, and carried distinct notes of hay. Through this portion the stogie was still burning pretty good, even if it was a bit crooked still.

Right as I reached the final 3rd of the cigar I decided to pull out my trusty torch and even out the burn-line a little bit. I achieved this with just a small touch-up and continued smoking. The last 3rd didn’t have much change in the way of taste, other than some spicier tobacco flavor coming through. The stogie remained smooth, with a nice easy draw until I finally set it down.

Overall, I found the Don Lino Black to be an enjoyable, easy-going smoke. It was medium-to-full in flavor, and medium in body. While this was by no means a complex cigar, it did have some good transitions and slight subtleties in flavor. The burn was a bit crooked for the duration of the smoke, but at no point did that hinder the smoking experience, it just looked a little funny. The bottom line is that these were pretty damn good for a stogie that sells for less than $2 a stick (we have them on sale right now for $36.95 a bundle). These are definitely worth stocking up on for a tasty “everyday” cigar, and are well-deserving of the B grade I’m giving them today.


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