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Cigar Review – El Rey Del Mundo Special Edition Nat Sherman Corona Cuadrado

Cigar review day is my favorite day of the week to come to work. Even if it’s freezing cold out, which it was today (27 degrees), I’ll never turn down an opportunity to smoke on the clock. Today I had my smoke break with the El Rey Del Mundo Special Edition Nat Sherman Corona Cuadrado. The name is a mouthful, and so was this cigar.

In keeping with much of El Rey Del Mundo’s lineup, this stogie came wrapped in tissue paper with the band on the outside. Removing this wrapper revealed a nice brown wrapper leaf, which had a few veins but was overall very nice to look at. The roll was very solid, probably because of the Cuban-style box press. This made the draw a bit tight, though the smoke was thick enough to make its flavors known.

The pre-light draw was strictly black pepper, which led me to believe this thing would be a powerhouse, but it turned out to be pretty mellow. After toasting the foot with a Xikar Element, I took a few puffs. At first, I got some black coffee notes along with a ton of pepper. About an inch in, the cocoa started to kick up, though I would definitely call it dry cocoa since there wasn’t much sweetness.

About halfway through the burn it sweetened up a tiny bit, but overall remained very traditional with a moderate amount of pepper and that same black coffee note from the very beginning. The burn stayed straight all the way through, and while the draw was tight at the very beginning, it opened up almost immediately as the smoke warmed up the rest of the stick.

I noticed a cool phenomenon with the ash while smoking this cigar—as I smoked and the ashes gradually fell off, each one was longer than the last, eventually leveling off at around 1 ½ inches. Closer inspection of the ashes revealed that these things were packed solidly all the way through.

I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite sticks, but I generally go for the exaggerated Snickers bar profile of roasted nuts, sweet chocolate, and caramel, rather than the sort of traditional dry mocha that this slim, box-pressed corona offered. I definitely recommend this for old school smokers who want their cigars to taste like cigars, but sometimes need a little extra coffee kick.

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