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Cigar Review – Los Blancos Nine Toro

Los Blancos Nine Toro (6x50)

This week we received another new stogie from the Los Blancos Cigar Co., the Nine, a maduro-wrapped stick featuring a blend of all-Nicaraguan premium tobaccos. Having enjoyed all of the Los Blancos’ cigars I had sampled previously, lighting up the Nine for today’s review seemed like a natural choice.

This cigar wore a thick, burly, and toothy dark-brown wrapper with visible oil deposits. The roll appeared solid, and pre-light notes were of a fruity sweetness that reminded me of raisins, along with some sweet cedar.

Upon lighting, I was treated to a sweet and crisp flavor of smoky cedar and cocoa through an appropriately firm draw. After the first few puffs, a note of fresh black pepper kicked in on the finish, followed by notes of nuts and cream. At this point the Nine officially had my attention.

As I reached the 2nd third, the burn-line on the stick went just slightly astray beneath the marbled grey ash it was building, and the pepper cooled off quite a bit. After a minor touch-up with the torch I was back to burning razor-straight, and the flavor profile of the cigar remained nicely nuanced, with notes of dried fruit and roasted nuts joining the fold.

The final 3rd of the Nine was smooth and super-rich, with pronounced notes of smoky cedar, sweet cocoa, coffee, and a touch of the black pepper returning to the finish. By now I was feeling the full-bodiedness of the cigar pretty intensely, and despite this I kept smoking, because, well, because it tasted good. I ended up smoking it down until about an inch remained.

The Los Blancos Nine showed more complexity in it’s first third than I’ve tasted in entire cigars with similar pricing. This cigar had awesome flavor from start to finish, along with a nice, slow burn. Aside from one bout of crooked burn in the beginning, the performance also left very little to be desired. So far Los Blancos is 5 for 5 in my book, and I’m giving the Nine a grade of A. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this brand will bring us in the future.


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