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Cigar Review – Ortsac 1962 Robusto

Ortsac 1962 Robusto

Every now and then as I search through our massive humidor in search of a cigar to review, I come across a stogie that I have somehow overlooked. With  the barrage of  new products constantly flooding our receiving dock, every now and then one slips by me, and that is the exact case with the subject of today’s review, the Ortsac 1962 Robusto. These slick little maduros have been hiding out in our inventory for a while now, and it wasn’t until today that they finally caught my eye, so in the spirit of “better late than never”, I pulled one out for a belated evaluation.

Ortsac cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic with dark, oily Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper leaves, Dominican binders, and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. In addition to what sounded like a very solid blend, it’s worth mentioning that these stogies come in waterproof, zippered cases made of bulletproof-grade EVA material. Talk about safe storage, these sticks are more well-protected than some elected officials! Anyway, the dark brown wrapper had a distinct cocoa scent to it, and pre-light tastes were not very telling, but I did pick up a faint cedary sweetness.

Upon lighting I was met with a silky taste of unsweetened cocoa punctuated by some savory fresh-ground pepper. The draw was fairly easy with an appropriate amount of resistance for the size, and right off the bat I was blowing out dense plumes of smoke with each draw. The burn was off to a slight lean, but I suspect that may have been the result of a little bit of over-toasting on my part. About an inch in I began to pick up a bit of dried-fruit sweetness.

In the second 3rd of the cigar the aforementioned flavors came together in a nice balance, and the taste became woody as a nutmeg spice started to come through on the
finish. The burn-line had corrected itself by this point and I was now sporting a 2 ½ inch dark grey ash. Right as I approached the last third the sweetness deepened and became more pronounced as it morphed into more of a malty flavor.

The final portion of the cigar proved to be my favorite part of the smoke, with zesty spice notes and bold tobacco flavor permeating every puff. The ash had grown to an impressive four inches by this point, and the stick was still burning cool, with crisp and layered flavors. As I grew closer to the nub the tobacco taste became intensely rich and spicy, almost like a “grand finale” of flavor for the end of the smoke.

The Ortsac 1962 Robusto was a smooth-smoking stick with deeply rich, palate-coating and lasting flavor. This stogie had awesome construction, refreshing taste-transitions, and in my opinion, a perfect amount of strength for its flavor profile. Overall, this was a great cigar. I award the Ortsac Robusto an A, and give these dark treats my full recommendation. This one should be a no-brainer for fans of maduros, and if you are looking to check these out, right now we’re giving away a free Ortsac “Bulletproof” T-shirt with every box sold while supplies last.

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