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Cigar Review – Puros Indios 2012 Robusto

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while many see it as a nice occasion to get out and smoke some stogies with friends and family, it’s going to be tough for me to get away from my relatives to enjoy a smoke myself. That’s why I decided to break out one of my favorite smokes of 2011—the Puros Indios 2012 Robusto—and put it through my slightly-less-than-brutal review process, just in time for a long and smoke-free weekend.

Puros Indios put together the 2012 blend when Carlos Diez, the company’s president, came purchased a batch of exceptional tobacco leaves from Nicaragua. They didn’t have enough of this tobacco to put together a full-production line, so they instead blended the Puros Indios 2012, which, in the words of Diez himself, “won’t be widely available,” but “will be on the shelves of our best customers.” Having enjoyed the Cuba Aliados Miami Edition and Cuba Aliados Super Mazo, I had a feeling that this higher-end line would be pretty excellent.

Right out of the box, the construction of this box-pressed stogie caught my eye. The wrapper leaf was dark, oily, and elastic, the cap was nicely applied, and the roll was firm throughout the stick with just the right amount of give. Once I clipped the cap, the pre-light draw was nice and easy with notes of pepper, leather, hay, and a little bit of earthy sweetness. After taking off the nicely-decorated foot band, it was finally time to light this thing up.

Having read a few reviews already, I was expecting this stogie to be pretty powerful, but to my surprise, this was one of the smoothest cigars I’ve ever smoked. Initial flavors were butter and toasted nuts, which eventually gave way to cocoa, sweet tobacco,and a little bit of pepper on the finish. Around the end of the first third, a cedar note started coming into play, and the pepper started to get a little more intense.

Still present in the second third was the distinct taste of sweet tobacco. Alongside this residual flavor were notes of walnuts, cedar, hay, and burnt brown sugar sweetness. The ash, which had been tight and solid, fell off at around an inch and a half. At around the halfway point, I started tasting a little bit of orange peel with some maple syrup-like sweetness on the retrohale.

As this cigar burnt down to its final inches, the complexity started to wane a bit and the focus shifted to a bold, heavy, and slightly-sweet tobacco note. No bells, no whistles, just solid, well-aged tobacco with a rich and lasting finish. Feeling satisfied that the Puros Indios 2012 Robusto was given a fair shot, I put the nub down with about an inch remaining.

I’ve enjoyed every cigar I’ve had from Puros Indios (and Cuba Aliados), and the Puros Indios 2012 Robusto was certainly no exception. The flavors were solid and engaging, the construction was great, and the draw produced ample amounts of smoke with almost no effort. With stick prices ranging from $5.95-7.65, these stogies aren’t the cheapest in the company’s lineup by any means. But compared to some other cigars you’ll find in that price range, Puros Indios 2012 will outshine the best of them. Here’s to another truly tasty cigar from the Reyes family—may there be many more!

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