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Cigar Review: Camacho Corojo -New Blend (Pre-release)

As always, our BCP crew returned from this year’s trade show with a good haul of new cigars to sample and review. With no shortage of new sticks to try, I figured I would get started with the new version of a cigar that I was quite familiar with, the Camacho Corojo.


As part of the brand’s line-wide overhaul, the Camacho Corojo has been re-blended to more closely match the legendary original Camacho Corojo from the early 2000’s. The updated version of this all-Honduran stogie features a 5th priming authentic Corojo wrapper along with a Corojo Ligero binder and a filler blend of Corojo tobaccos from three additional primings.

The new Corojo was looking good, decked out in a slick and clean wrapper leaf with some fine tooth to it. The new bright red band was huge and covered up a good chunk of the cigar. Very different from the simple and elegant traditional Corojo band. After clipping the cap the varying shades of the different primings used in the filler were visible through the head of the cigar. Pre-light draws gave off a rich peppery and woody taste and some great fruity sweetness.

The smoke opened up with some palate-tingling black pepper and smoky cedar. Right away the cigar was letting off lots of dense smoke and the flavors were rich and deep. About a 1/2 inch in I began picking up a vivid malty sweetness that lingered on after each puff. I could immediately feel the heavy strength of the cigar and quickly reminded myself to slow down a bit with this one.

A little further in the stick was still pumping out tons of chewy smoke through a straight burn and easy draw. Savory notes of white and black pepper swirled around a base of rich cedar and straight-up spicy tobacco flavor. In this portion the profile grew increasingly earthy and smooth, and eventually the pepper dropped out to be replaced by a nutmeg-like baking spice. This phase of the smoke reminded me very much of the Camacho Corojo’s I had smoked in the past.

The last third was surprisingly smooth and easy to smoke, and was far less intense strength-wise than the previous two. With still no problems with burn or draw, the new Camacho Corojo led me through a relaxing and flavorful finale.

I enjoyed the re-blended Camacho Corojo just as much as I’ve enjoyed the original. I don’t think they were trying to re-invent the wheel with this updated version, but rather to hone in more directly on the characteristics that made the Camacho Corojo a great smoke to begin with, and they succeeded. Longtime fans will rejoice in finding one of their favorites “rejuvenated”, and new smokers will be treated to the “bold” smoke that Camacho’s new marketing efforts promise. All around the board I give the new Camacho Corojo a solid B grade. If you liked it before, chances are you’ll love it now, and if you’ve never tried it, you should, they’ll be here in a couple weeks.