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Cigar Review – Carlos Toraño Master Robusto Maduro

Carlos and Charlie Torano teamed up with chief-roller Felipe Sosa to create the new Carlos Toraño Master Maduro, experimenting with a Habano Maduro wrapper leaf to introduce a darker-wrapped counterpart to the highly-rated Master blend. Since the cigar made its debut over the summer it has been getting rave reviews from various sites around the web, so I figured it was about time I took one out for a review. Today I pulled out a sample of the Robusto size (5×50).

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper on the cigar was a dark maduro shade with plenty of tooth and texture and a slight oily sheen. Construction seemed to be up to snuff with an even fill and an ample double-cap at the head. Pre-light draws produced a deep and slightly sweet taste of cedar.

Torano Master Robusto Maduro(5×50)

As soon as I had lit up the stick began to produce tons of thick, chewy smoke with notes of cedar, molasses, and some savory black pepper on the finish. The flavor was unquestionably full and awesome, and as I puffed on I began to pick up nuances of coffee and caramel through a nice, easy draw. The burn was off to a sharp start and a tight white ash was coming along nicely.

In the second third the cigar became smoother and the smoke creamier, without losing any of the layered flavors at play. The burn line still did not waver, and this portion of the smoke was remarkably well-balanced. Even through all the creamy smoothness a tinge of peppery spice on each puff let me know that this stogie’s bold profile was alive and kickin’.

During the final third the cigar remained creamy and smooth-smoking as the flavors deepened. As I burned closer and closer to the nub, juicy notes of dried dark fruit and nuts began to permeate the profile, acting as a great compliment to the already established flavors. A slight taste of cinnamon/nutmeg baking spice popped up in the last inch of the smoke, adding one last layer of complexity before it was done.

Wow. I was super impressed by the flavor complexity and overall performance of the Toraño Master Maduro.  Carlos Toraño has described this blend as a “cigar that fully satisfies after an opulent meal or an evening pairing with spirits”, which makes a lot of sense to me as all I could think about while smoking was how good this cigar would taste after a hearty steak dinner with some red wine. The rich, sweet, and varied flavors in this stogie seemed to be blended specifically for that purpose. The burn and draw on the Robusto were among the best I’ve experienced, the cigar gave me no problems at all. I have to give the Toraño Master Maduro a well-deserved grade of A. This one was definitely a winner, and just may be the ultimate dessert smoke.

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