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Cigar Review – El Rey Del Mundo Café Noir

The subject of today’s review is a small cigar from the classic El Rey Del Mundo brand, the Café Noir. These petite smokes measure in at 4 ½ x 35 and feature a blend of Honduran binder and filler leaves beneath a particularly dark maduro wrapper.  As a brand known for rich and bold taste, I was curious to see how El Rey’s deep flavors would translate into this coffee-break vitola.

The stick wore a very dark and smooth maduro wrapper with just a few pronounced thin veins and construction looked to be solid. Pre-light draws gave off a muted taste of earthy, spicy tobacco.

After a quick toast of the foot the cigar lit up with no problem and started off with flavors of unsweetened cocoa, earth, and black pepper. The draw was a little too tight for
my preference, but nothing that would hinder the smoke. A few puffs in I noted that the stick’s stark white ash made for a nice contrast to the near-black wrapper.

In the second 3rd, light notes of a cinnamon/nutmeg baking spice popped up replacing the pepper as the cigar continued to burn straight and clean.  A bit further in I began to pick up a strong note of leather along with hints of espresso that seemed to bring the profile full circle. As I burned closer to the final third the smoke took on a new smoothness and the draw loosened to a more comfortable level.

The last third of the cigar was basically a creamy culmination of the flavors I mentioned earlier, but with more of the coffee taste and less cocoa. The zesty pepper re-appeared for the cigar’s finale as I brought this stick down to a nub.

The El Rey Del Mundo Café Noir really held a decent amount of complexity for a cigar with such a small ring gauge. I was impressed with how well-balanced and clean the flavors came across, and this stick never became hot or unpleasant, even towards the end. Although the draw was a bit tight for most of the session the burn-line never faltered and the ash on the cigar was strong. Today I give the Café Noir a grade of B+, and I highly recommended it for those looking for a full flavored stick that you can enjoy on your lunch break. This little guy was damn tasty.


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