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Cigar Review – Gran Habano Pyramid Connecticut #1

While sitting here and waiting for the votes to pile up on my last post (poll closes on Friday!), I decided that a cigar review was in order. In keeping with the trend of me smoking Connecticut-wrapped cigars despite my preference for darker ones, I picked up a Gran Habano Pyramid Connecticut #1. After all, I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve tried since I made my initial statement that I don’t like them. I guess a good cigar is just a good cigar.

Anyway, this stogie is one of the better looking ones I’ve smoked. The wrapper was incredibly smooth with only one or two veins, and the filler swirled nicely at the foot. Usually I have a problem with the draw being too tight on pyramid/torpedo/belicoso cigars, but not this time—the cap was huge, allowing for me to cut off a sizeable amount of the tapered head. Additionally, the construction was awesome; no soft spots, no cracks, and an almost seamless roll.

The pre-light draw was very, very peppery, and after reading that the binder and filler were from Nicaragua, I naturally expected this stick to be a deceptively light powerhouse. Once I toasted the foot and went to work, the cigar was very mellow with a pleasant creamy aftertaste. The ash was completely solid with no flaking, and held on for about an inch at a time.

The first third progressively got nuttier while the pepper faded out, and maintained a sweetness that reminded me of honey or pancake syrup. I also got a little bit of the bready flavor I got from the Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Anniversary Champagne Robusto, which complemented the syrupy sweetness.

I made my way down to the midpoint of the cigar and was met with some cedar notes as well as a very recognizable butterscotch note that I’ve never gotten from a cigar before. At this point I start to realize that the Gran Habano Pyramid Connecticut #1 is, without a doubt, the perfect party cigar. What I mean by that is that it’s an easy smoke; incredibly mellow, sweet, pleasant, and maintenance-free; the kind you could idly puff away on at a party with a drink in your other hand. I smoked part of the stogie in my car so I inhaled a fair amount of smoke; not even this was enough to sour the cigar for me. I got that dreaded smoke in the eyes a few times, and I didn’t even have to blink. All in all, I have never had such a mellow cigar.

As the cigar burned down to the nub, I started getting a light grassy flavor, along with more creaminess. At this point, the sweetness had calmed down, and there was still virtually no pepper. Most cigars I’ve had have heated up significantly towards the end, becoming unpleasantly spicy, but this one stayed manageable throughout the entire smoke. If you’re looking for a truly carefree smoking experience, this is not a cigar you want to miss.