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Cigar Review – Heisenberg Robusto by Quesada Cigars

Here in Northeast Pennsylvania temperatures finally reached the high 70’s today after what seemed like an unending winter, so I decided to celebrate by stepping outside to light up a cigar I had been curious about for quite a while now for today’s review.

“Embrace Uncertainty” is the theme behind Manuel Quesada’s Heisenberg cigar. Named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, a mathematical proof that demonstrates that one cannot properly determine both the momentum and position of a particle at the same time, the Heisenberg encourages the smoker to simply relax and enjoy the smoke without analyzing the particulars of the cigar (wrapper, binder, filler, country of origin, etc.). To ensure that the Heisenberg is enjoyed in this manner, Quesada has taken the liberty of withholding all blend information on the cigar. Intrigued, I pulled out a sample of the Robusto (5×48) for evaluation.

The cigar had an extremely clean look with a uniformly deep brown wrapper and was solidly rolled with an even fill from head to foot. The band on the stick was elegantly understated with the Heisenberg equation front and center. Cold draws gave off the awesome, distinct fruity sweetness of a Red Delicious apple. A few more pre-light puffs revealed a layer of smoky cedar as well.

 The smoke started off with a relaxed taste of deep woody spice that had almost a clove-like quality to it. The burn-line was spot-on beneath a neat grey ash. The draw was a little firm for my taste, but not to the point of obstruction. About an inch or so in I began to pick up a mild nutty note similar to Cashew.

In the second 3rd a bit of syrupy sweetness trickled in, along with some zesty black pepper. The burn continued on flawlessly as the draw loosened up a little. A potent note of coffee piped up around this point, rounding things out nicely.

Going into the final third a strong wave of creaminess came over the profile, an attribute I rarely see in the latter part of a smoke. This portion was very smooth, canceling out most of the ancillary notes and leaving just enough rich tobacco spice to keep things rolling. This remained the gist of the Heisenberg until I let it go with an inch remaining.

 The Heisenberg Robusto proved to be an interesting and nuanced smoke with an “unconventional” flavor profile. This stick had more complexity in the cold draw than I’ve got from some entire cigars I’ve sampled. Along with great flavors, the Heisenberg had a sharp burn and draw, and an easily enjoyable strength level, maxing out somewhere around the lighter side of medium. I think this blend would really appeal to a variety of smokers and based on today’s smoke I award it an A grade. After all, who really cares where the leaves were grown as long as the smoke is good? I certainly don’t.




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