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Cigar Review – Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

This year Altadis USA re-introduced Juan Lopez, one of their lesser-known entries into the category of non-Cuban cigars bearing a Cuban brand name, commonly known as “Cuban Heritage” brands. The all-new state-side version of Juan Lopez is a Nicaraguan Puro comprised of tobaccos from Nicaragua’s three main growing regions beneath a Habano wrapper. For today’s test-smoke I took out a sample of the Seleccion No. 2 vitola (6×54.)

The stick was decked out in a slick, oily and veiny Habano wrap and was solidly constructed with a generous double-cap in place. This cigar had a very traditional look and feel, something that is becoming less and less common these days. Pre-light draws tasted of wood with a slight fruity sweetness.

The first few puffs of the Seleccion No. 2 matched its pre-light taste exactly, an extremely rare occurrence. Soon after, the woody and sweet taste was joined by some pepper and cream, resulting in one smooth and well-balanced flavor. Smoke production was very good with a steady stream flowing from the foot of the cigar and each draw producing mouthfuls of thick smoke.

Going into the second third the smoke was creamy smooth with full, woodsy flavor and a rich, sweet finish. Eventually the pepper took on a more prominent position in the profile, giving it a little more kick and making it more interesting to me personally. A bit further in undertones of leather and coffee appeared, adding considerable depth.

The final portion of the Juan Lopez was less creamy, but still smooth with the same full flavors. The burn line here went just slightly astray and with an inch remaining I ended my session, bailing out before I burned into the “funk zone.”

The new Juan Lopez turned out to be a rich and flavorful smoke with classic full-flavored character. While I’m sure that this was not intended to be an especially complex cigar, it does have a decent amount of complexity and flavor transition, much more than many cigars in its price range (around $5 a stick.) At the very least, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 is a solid go-to smoke that I think will appeal to a lot of different smokers, and I award it a respectable B+ grade. If its a rich and classic smoke you seek, check these out here.