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Cigar Review: Leccia White Robusto

After a 3 year hiatus Sam Leccia, the man behind Cain and Nub cigars, has returned to the industry with a new bag of tricks. The newly formed Sam Leccia Cigar Co. is now under distribution from the Torano Family Cigar Company and made their official debut at this year’s IPCPR trade show with the release of the Leccia Black and White series.

Leccia Black and White features two entirely different blends, one dubbed “Black” and the other “White.” Handmade in the D.R., the Black contains a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, Brazilian viso, and wood fire-cured “Dark Fire” tobaccos beneath a Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan Rosado binder. The White is produced in Nicaragua using an African Sun Grown wrapper and Ecudorian binder, along with Nicaraguan ligero and Pennsylvania seco filler tobaccos. Despite being relatively new, both blends have already been reviewed extensively on the interwebs, mostly with glowing responses. I figured it was high time that I weighed in on these hot new sticks and set out today with the Leccia White Robusto (5×52.)

The stick had a rustic look to it with simple, black and white banding over a veiny and grainy sun grown wrapper. This cigar was solidly packed with a clean triple-cap securely in place. Pre-light draws gave off a slightly sweet and citrusy lemonade vibe.

The smoke opened up with a nice blast of white/red pepper over a base note of creamy cedar. About an inch in the spiciness died down a bit to reveal a tasty and sweet, layered profile of cedar, cocoa, coffee, and almond. The burn was off to a mostly straight start and the draw here was appropriate, letting off just the right amount of smoke with each puff.

Going into the 2nd third the primary tasting notes were of rich, cedary tobacco and a heavy dose of cream. The cigar was now in super-smooth mode, with each draw producing tons of thick smoke with a rich, lasting finish. Around the 2 1/2 inch mark I finally lost the neat white ash that had been accumulating.

In the final portion of the smoke I was treated to a complex taste of creamy caramel sweetness and notes of smoky cedar as the burn line that had wavered a bit earlier straightened itself out. The stick remained clean-tasting and cool-smoking until it was at last reduced to a tiny smoldering nub.

I found the Leccia White Robusto to be easily enjoyable, adequately potent, and fairly complex. This cigar held some great, interesting flavors, particularly in the first and last thirds. At a couple of points the burn went a little crooked, but nothing too severe. This was definitely one of the better cigars I’ve sampled lately, I give it an earnest B+ grade and I’m really looking forward to checking out the Black. Cigar fans have been patiently awaiting Leccia’s return to the cigar biz, and he has made it worth the wait.