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Cigar Review – Pura Soul 52×7 Perfecto

Comprised of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, Pura Soul is Handmade at Christian Eiroa’s Fabricas Unidas’ Aladino factory in Honduras . Conceived by longtime Camacho Cigar representative and national sales manager Robert Wright, these new smokes were blended to reflect Wright’s passion for cigars, and also his 40 years of experience as a jazz musician. In an interview with BestCigarPrices at this year’s trade show (watch here), Wright explained his idea of pairing a good cigar with the right music to add a new dimension to the cigar experience. It was with this innovative sentiment in mind that I set out today to sample the Pura Soul 52×7 Perfecto in today’s review.

This was an impressive looking stick with a really nice weight and feel in the hand. It was a flawlessly constructed perfecto decked out in a silky brown wrapper with thin veins throughout. Pre-light draws gave off a sweet and woody taste.

The cigar lit up to a smooth combination of dried fruit sweetness, a little bit of citrus, and white pepper over a cedar base. The draw was initially pretty firm but loosened up nicely pretty quickly. A bit further in some sweet, sweet cocoa drizzled in, adding the perfect touch to this already tasty, layered profile.

The second third introduced a new buttery smoothness. The strength was on the high side of medium at this point, and each puff carried a lively bit of spice and left my palate with a lingering tobacco sweetness. At just about the half-way mark a heavy creaminess appeared, along with notes of nuts and some leather.

The final third was more straight-forward than the previous two in terms of flavor. This was straight up rich and sweet tobacco with waves of cream coming through every now and then for added balance. This stayed consistent as I slowly and happily burned my way down to the nub.

A well thought-out blend and high quality construction make the Pura Soul a winner. This was a cigar that really showcases the nuances and subtleties that can be achieved through working with great Nicaraguan tobaccos. As extravagant as it may sound, the jazz comparison is actually quite easy to make. This stick was smooth and complex with an array of interesting flavors that tell a story, much like a good jazz number. I give the Pura Soul an A+. This is a brand that has not seen a tremendous amount of PR hype at this point, but don’t let that stop you from checking them out, as you would be missing out on one of the best new smokes of the year.





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