Cigar Review – Wynwood Honduran 50 x 4 ½

Blended to cater to Miami’s up and coming Wynwood Arts District, Wynwood cigars are the brainchild of ex-Camacho president Christian Eiora and Robert Caldwell, CEO of Hotel Humidor. Billed as medium-bodied and featuring a blend of premium Honduran tobaccos beneath an Ecuadorian wrapper, these smokes are one of the three lines being distributed by Christian’s new CLE Cigars (the other two being CLE, and Asylum Cigars.) For today’s review I procured a sample of the Wynwood Honduran 50 x 4 ½ to see what this new boutique blend was all about.

At a glance I could tell that this cigar was solidly rolled, with a nice triple cap securely in place atop a nearly flawless Ecuadorian wrapper with a slick, oily sheen. I was digging the simple and hip-looking band, and the overall look and feel of the cigar. Pre-light draws gave off some enticing notes of coffee, cedar, and cream, and the cigar lit up evenly and easily.

The Wynwood opened up with a relaxed taste of baking spice with some white pepper on the finish. The smoke was light and creamy, and despite what seemed like a rather delicate wrapper, the cigar was burning nice and straight. As the profile evolved I began to pick up nuances of butter and espresso.

By the time I had reached the 2nd third of the cigar it was smoking awesomely smooth, and giving off plenty of creamy smoke with each puff. Layered flavors of vanilla, woodiness, and rich tobacco piped effortlessly through a nice, easy draw as the stogie continued to smoke perfectly. No, really, perfectly.

In the final third the cigar maintained its cool burn and clean taste as the zesty tobacco ramped up a bit, melding nicely with a silky and buttery taste of earth. The revolving parade of smooth flavors continued on, until I reluctantly set down the nub.

The Wynwood Honduran was simultaneously super-relaxing and eventful in terms of taste. This stogie was simply oozing with awesome flavor and Camacho-esque complexity. It was smooth, buttery, sweet, zesty, and all in all a pleasure to review. That profile with an excellent burn and draw make this easily one of the best lighter-wrapped cigars I’ve smoked in recent memory, and I will definitely be picking up a pack of these babies asap. If the Wynwood Honduran is an example of what we can expect from Wynwood cigars in the future, then the future is looking bright indeed for this newcomer, and I have to give it an A+. This stick was nothing short of exceptional.

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