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Cigar smoking could disappear from UK by 2026

Sir Winston Churchill would be rolling in his grave if he saw the recent headlines from the UK Times. Roughly a month and a half ago, the UK times presented a headline that British individuals that enjoy cigars would be an extinct species within a matter of years.

Sir Winston Churchill Cigar
Cigars are deeply rooted in the United Kingdom, to the point where a cigar size is literally named after a former UK Prime Minister.

However the article clearly notes why individuals that enjoy Cigars are having problems in the UK.

Soaring Duty Rates

The British Government has constantly raised the taxes on Cigars to the point where they are unaffordable to many individuals. A typical box of cigars is taxed at a rate of approximately $400.00 US Dollar on top of the price of the the cigars themselves, these taxes do not include local taxes of whatever metro region the cigars are destined for within the United Kingdom and it’s our understanding that the British weigh the entire package, including the customary wooden box which premium cigars are packed in.

In essence, a average $100 box of hand made cigars would end up being $500 or more USD when all is said and done, if you want to try to take a lower cost route and buy a low cost machine made cigar brand such as Dutch Masters you’ll end up paying $450 USD or more. In essence half a month of take home pay for the average UK citizen to buy a box of hand made cigars.

We agree with the UK times, at the current rate of Cigar Tax increases there will be zero cigar smokers in the UK not because they don’t want cigars, but rather because somewhere down the line one will have to take out a third mortgage on their home to buy them.