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Cigar Stars – Ernesto Perez-Carrillo

E.P. Carrillo

We’re excited about our latest Cigar Star because he is a man in the cigar industry that has achieved so much. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, or EP Carrillo, founded EP Carrillo Cigars and took over the El Credito Cigar Company in Miami after his father, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Sr., passed away. The El Credito Cigar Company produces several extremely popular cigar lines including La Gloria Cubana and El Rico Habano cigars.

Once a well-known jazz musician, Perez-Carrillo gave up his love for music in order to take the reins of the El Credito Cigar Company, one of the oldest operating cigar factories in the United States. Perez-Carrillo started out quietly making cigars in Miami where local cigar enthusiasts coveted the La Gloria Cubana. As word spread on this delicious cigar the orders came in and Perez-Carrillo wasn’t able to keep track of them all. According to Cigar Aficionado, loyal followers waited up to 6 months for their orders to be filled while many fans traveled down to Miami where they would be sure to get their La Gloria Cubanas.

While Perez-Carrillo loves his factory in Miami his ultimate goal is to be able to make cigars in Cuba. “The final goal that I want to reach is to be able to make cigars in Cuba,” Perez-Carrillo told Smoke Magazine. “To start a factory and have those cigars be as well-known and respected as they are here.”

Perez-Carrillo is known for his unique blends that usually combine tobaccos from different countries and regions. A more recent blend, the La Gloria Cubana Series R Cigar, is becoming one of the most respected cigars in the industry. The La Gloria Cubana Series R cigars are well made and rich tasting smokes made for the aficionado who enjoys a full bodied, full flavored cigar.

This second generation cigar master is one that has been full of surprises and also one to keep an eye on as he is sure to continue mastering his craft in the future.