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Cigar Tasting Tips with Jesus Fuego (video)

When it comes to cigar tasting tips, few people have better advice than Jesus Fuego of J.Fuego Cigars.


Hi, everybody. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at talking cigars and talking cigar experiences.

Here’s a question that I get from a lot of smokers in my travels and in my events: How to better taste the cigar, how to better enjoy the cigars, and sometimes how to identify this flavor that people talk about.

I don’t consider myself that experienced to tell you exactly what to look for in a cigar, but I would say a good tip or a least what gives me a very good result is forget about the band. Try not to get influenced by the hype or the story behind the cigar, although I like the story, too, or I like parts of it.

I think a good way to enjoy a cigar is to get rid of any preconceived ideas and let the cigar talk to you, because at the end there are only two cigars: the one you like and the one you don’t. So I would say a nice way to enjoy a cigar is to just relax. Please, if you can help it, don’t smoke a cigar while you’re walking or when you’re in a hurry. Set time aside, light the cigar properly.

Personally, I like my cigars on the dry side but there are people who prefer their cigars more humid. Whatever your preference is, try to make it work. I think a good way to enjoy the cigar is to just relax and let the cigar talk to you, and keep in mind that there are a lot of people working behind that with the only goal of bringing enjoyment to you. So just don’t over-analyze it. Have fun with it.