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Cigar Tasting Tips with Michael Giannini of La Gloria Cubana (Video)

While everyone has a tip or trick for ways to better enjoy your cigar smoking experience, Michael Giannini of La Gloria Cubana gives us a little bit of science. Listen as he explains how the time that you choose to smoke can affect a cigar’s flavor:


So this is an interesting question of how do you taste cigars, and what’s the best way to enhance that experience? So that’s a fascinating question because your body is constantly in flux throughout the day. So the cigar that you smoked for breakfast, if you have that luxury, or that you smoke for lunch and that you smoke for dinner, my mentality’s been try to start lighter or whatever mood you’re in for. What do you pair that with at that time? Very fascinating.

You know, in the morning you’re probably going to have some coffee. You’re going to have a little bit of a meal. You know, something to eat, like eggs, bacon, whatever. That’s actually really the good thing to do because what’s happening is you want to stimulate your palate to get all those senses going. And so if you could smoke a cigar with something that you enjoy to eat, if it’s a sweet because that’s what you’re craving at the time, I think that helps enhance the experience.

But smoking the same cigar three different times throughout the day it going to taste completely different. I think your palate starts to wake up by dinnertime. So I know a lot of guys that I hang out with love to smoke a cigar that has lots of flavor later in the night, and that works for some folks. It may not work for you. So what I suggest, though, is if you’re trying a cigar for the first time make sure you try at least two or three of that same cigar because it’s going taste differently, depending on the time that you smoke it.