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Cigar Tax Might Reach Minneapolis

09.10_CIGARSA recent push to increase taxes on cigar might reach Minneapolis.

Late last month, the St. Paul City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that would increase the price of single cigars to $2.10 before sales tax.  Meaning after that tax is paid,  then the next tax shows up (the sales tax).

This movement could spread to Minneapolis.

According to Minnesota Daily  :  “Latrisha Vetaw, the program coordinator for the Breathe Free North Project, said her group collaborates with the Ramsey Tobacco Coalition and is trying to pass similar restrictions in Minneapolis.

She said she is currently working with Ward 5 City Councilman Blong Yang to raise cigar prices.”

Literally there are people out there trying their best to raise the amount of taxes you pay on every single cigar.

A $2.10 tax increase will not stop an individual that earns an high income from enjoying cigars, it only will only stop the average or low wage earners from enjoying a cigar. Historically it has been shown that most individuals when taxed to high levels will just order cigars online or pick up cigars across the state border.

It’s a bad move.