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Cigars For Troops Raffle a Success!

Publisher of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Marvin R. Shanken has been quoted as saying, “A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier.” Based on the overwhelming thanks we recently received from some of our currently deployed U.S.troops, we would have to agree.

Back in September we had sent out a care package containing a slew of premium cigars and a few hundred cigar cutters to be used in a raffle for U.S.troops stationed overseas, sponsored by our friends over at Last week, we were thrilled to receive some awesome correspondence from the Kabul International Cigar Club, whose members are currently stationed in Afghanistan, in the form of some great pictures of the troops enjoying our cigars.

As you can see, these heroes were pretty stoked on our stogies, and we were happy to supply them, and proud to be able to provide just a little smoky satisfaction for these hard-working and brave citizens. Smoking premium cigars is one small luxury that can still be enjoyed by our American men and women stationed overseas, and I can only imagine the kind of meaning that a good smoke takes on when being enjoyed amid such extreme daily conditions. For the sacrifices these people make while fighting for our country everyday, we feel that a few fine cigars is the least we could offer. On behalf of the entire staff at BCP we would like to thank each and every one of our soldiers, for everything you do. We salute you!

Be sure to visit us on Facebook, where you can check out more pictures of the Kabul Cigar Club celebrating with our donations.