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Clearing the air on cigar breath

Every cigar smoker at one time or another has to deal with the cigar-stink. To us it doesn’t seem that bad, but a wife or friend will complain and all the sudden we are going to great lengths to purify our breath and the air around us with any number of pleasant-scented concoctions.

Having the taste of a delicious cigar linger on your palate can be okay for a night of drinking, but come morning and you’ll be caught in an oral apocalypse. Sure, you could brush your teeth, but we all know that’s like throwing a water baloon at a house fire. Then there are some that claim making a mouthwash of diluted shampoo is just the thing to kill cigar breath, though they caution not to swallow the stuff since it’s a “frighteningly potent laxative.” No thanks.

The middle ground between these two extremes are breath-cleansing products specially formulated by halitosis experts made specifically for cigar smokers. Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier is one such product we’ve tried and can vouch for, and we assure you Dr. Nick is a real professional unlike the Dr. Nick you may be familiar with from The Simpsons.

There are some fashion tips to keep in mind when smoking indoors: Wear a hat to avoid smoke being absorbed into the hair, and wear ‘smoking clothes’ that can be changed out of. There are so many common-sense things you can do I won’t bother going on about it, but with a little planning no one will knock you for smelling like an ashtray.

As for the air around you, we recommend these awesome odor extermination candles, available in a variety of scents. Virtually everyone that works here has one in their home, and they have an amazing ability to positively suck the smoke scent out of the air and replace it with a pleasant fragrance.

It can be a constant struggle to keep others from complaining about that cigar smell, which runs counter to the act of cigar smoking. It’s supposed to be a relaxing, luxurious pastime, but if you’re paranoid of stinking up the place it’ll ruin your good time. If cigar odors are ruining your smoking experience, make a plan, buy some stuff, and say goodbye to the dreaded maduro malodor.