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Clem Roy, Tobacco Lobbyist, Dies at 64

When I was performing my usual daily ritual of scouring Google News for cigar-related news stories, I was sad to learn that Clem Roy, a longtime

Photo by KRISTEN SCHMID for the Hartford Courant

lobbyist for the tobacco industry, passed away Monday at 64 years old after a battle with brain cancer. According to an article by the Hartford Courant, Roy not only lobbied for the tobacco industry, but also enjoyed a fine cigar.

Roy was known by his peers and coworkers to live life to its fullest on a daily basis. “No guy enjoyed life more than Clem every day,” said Connecticut’s former state Republican chairman Richard Foley. “He drank deeply from the cup of life,” he added. “How many ways can you say unique? One of a kind.”

Roy was also a man of integrity, according to the article. In the late 1990’s, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft pledged to bring the team to Hartford, Connecticut. As you may know, the deal fell through, and some years later, Roy was invited to play golf in a celebrity tournament with Kraft and two others. Once he learned that Kraft would be part of the foursome, he refused outright. “Clem refused to play in the foursome,” said Connecticut’s former Governor John G. Rowland. “He’s a very principled guy.”

Anyway, I’m lighting one up for Roy tonight and we hope you’ll all do the same. With rising taxes, stranglehold legislation, and a fairly large sense of public hatred, the tobacco industry is tough to get behind, but it’s the livelihood of countless people, including everybody here at BCP. We hope those who follow in his footsteps are not only as upstanding, but also as colorful.

On an unrelated note, we reached 2,000 Facebook fans today, so polls have closed for our Vote for Your Facebook Exclusive Sale post. Keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be revealing the results in the next couple of days.