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Cleveland Indians Manager Tweets his Victory Cigars

Ever since Travis’ opening day rant where he predicted “another dismal year” for the Cleveland Indians, they’ve had 20 wins. As more of a hockey guy than a baseball guy, this part of the story only amuses me because of its spite factor for Trav, but here’s the part that caught my interest—along with each of these wins, Indians manager Manny Acta has smoked a victory cigar and posted a picture of each one to his Twitter account.

That means that since the Indians have won their last seven straight games, he’s posted seven straight stogies, including names like Siglo Limited Reserve, Montecristo, Cohiba Red Dot, and Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne (which I reviewed last year). The article that I found this story in also mentioned that the Perdomo was given to him by Orlando Cabrera, whose team almost got in trouble last year for smoking some Liga Privadas to celebrate winning the pennant. Some of you might remember last year’s post on the subject.

The one cigar that really caught my eye is a Montecristo Petit Edmundo, which is definitely Cuban and happens to be a favorite of Jonny Hetherington of Art of Dying, who we interviewed earlier this year. Acta is officially my new hero for publicly announcing that he’s smoking a Cuban, because seriously, who is going to stop him? Anyway, this just goes to prove that despite nannies aiming for the contrary, the victory cigar will never die!