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Cuban Cigar Roller to Attempt Fifth Guinness World Record

Cuban cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto) will attempt to roll the world’s longest cigar between April 25 and May 7, according to an article on The cigar is set to be 70 meters long, which is bigger than the wingspan of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. I’m pretty sure Gran Habano’s El Gigante is still the heaviest, but Cueto’s is definitely going to be the longest.

Once completed, the 70-meter cigar will go on display at the 31st International Tourism Fair in Havana from May 2 through 7. Cueto has already rolled four Habanos that were recognized as Guinness World Records, measuring at 11.04, 14.8, 20.41, and 45.38 meters. These cigars are on display at the La Triada Shop in Havana, where he currently works.

Before working at the La Triada shop, Cueto worked his way up through the La Corona, Partagas, and Briones Montoto factories, which produce brands like Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba, among many others. He was nominated this year for a Premio Habano (Habano Award), which has previously been awarded to Cigar Aficionado publisher Marvin Shanken and master tobacco grower Alejandro Robaina, and a select few others.

The one question that sticks out for me is whether the 70-meter beast will be smokeable. I doubt it, since the ring gauge is pretty slim, and by slim I mean that it looks to be somewhere in the ballpark of 100 ring gauge, which is enormous for normal-length cigars but slim proportionally. I’m also curious about how they’re going to display it—that would be one hell of a display tower. Anyway, I look forward to seeing whether Cueto can do it, though considering his past efforts, it shouldn’t be too hard for him.