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Cuban Government Continues to Clean House

It’s been a nice long weekend, and now it’s time for some more Cuba news! According to a story from Reuters, Coral Capital Group Ltd., a British investment fund, is now being investigated by Cuban authorities on corruption charges. Few details have been released, partially due to a temporary “no comment” from the company, and partially due to Cuba’s state-run media, which tends to keep a pretty firm grip on information regarding the country’s affairs.

This is yet another play in Cuban President Raul Castro’s fight against corruption, which has already yielded more than a handful of arrests. Among these arrests was Manuel Garcia, former vice president of Habanos S.A., who was arrested earlier this year on corruption charges alongside 10 off his staffers. Once again, though, not much information was released due to, you guessed it, the restrictive nature of the state-run Cuban media.

This makes me think of that age old question—if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer is, of course it makes a sound, but what the hell does it matter if no one is allowed to write about it? While cracking down on corruption is undoubtedly a great move on the part of the Cuban government, I think their efforts are pointless if the information regarding them is so scarce.

I think a big part of boosting our government’s opinion of our near-next-door neighbor (and eventually ending this ridiculous embargo) is making sure the information regarding their positive efforts is forthcoming. In a sense, they could even treat their media like a giant, all-encompassing public relations firm, which is already how they’re treating it in the first place by constantly controlling the flow of information. Obviously it’s a bit much to ask Cuba to change around the entire structure of their government at a moment’s notice, even though it seems like that’s where they’re gradually headed anyway. But if they’re going to treat their media like a PR firm, they might as well do it right and get some good publicity!

Anyway, I know this turned from a news story into a full-on rant, but these kinds of stories really get to me. As somebody who has a degree in journalism, I think the flow of information should be rampant, chaotic, and unstoppable, and I think that constant information storm is part of what makes this country great. I can only hope that Cuba will someday catch on and realize that in their case, more news is good news.