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Cuban Man Celebrates 111th Birthday With A Fine Cigar

Our blog often takes on a somber and sober feel when we report on some of the bad stuff in the cigar-world, like taxes and new legislation. That’s why it is so great to write today about a real feel-good cigar story that no one could ever possibly have any sort of issue with. We hear all sorts of things about cigars being not so great for your health, what with neighbors suing each other over secondhand smoke and cities banning tobacco everywhere from a public park to your very own deck on your apartment. But try telling Ignacio Cubilla Banos that cigars are unhealthy as he fires up a nice big Cuban to celebrate his 111th birthday! Considering the guy was around for all but 12 days of the 1900s, and the first decade of this century, I’d say his cigar habit has treated him just fine.

Mr. Banos is a Cuban citizen, still living in Havana. He worked in a sugar factory, and has a staggering 11 children, 40 grand children and 15 great grand children. Much of his family was there to celebrate with him last week when he turned the big 111, and he got to speak by phone to some of those not physically present. As you’ll see in the article they got him a heck of a nice cake which he reportedly ate with gusto, and as you’ll also notice from the photos he’s got a head of hair that I’d love to have at 50, let alone 100+.

Congratulations to Mr. Banos from all of us at BCP, keep on keepin’ on, and keep on puffin’ those tasty stogies. If I’m lucky enough to get to a number that big you’d better believe I’m going to smoke myself a tasty stogie to celebrate. I’ve smoked some celebratory cigars before, and have seen lots of occasions for one, but I can’t think of a better reason to fire one up than kicking off your 12th decade on earth.

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