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Cusano 18 (video)


We’re talking about Cusano today. There are three different blends of the Cusano line: The Cusano 18 Connecticut, the Cusano Paired Maduros and the Cusano Corojo Dominicano, which just came out.

A little background about Cusano. It’s a company that’s been around for 15 years. The product has been manufactured by Davidoff since the start of company. We’ve always blended the product so it made sense about three years ago that we actually purchased Cusano and brought that product into the Davidoff portfolio of products.

The Connecticut blend is 100% Dominican. It is a Connecticut shade wrapper where the binder of the wrappers are Dominican. It’s a very mild, very creamy cigar. The Paired Maduro is a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper with Dominican binders and long fillers. A little sweet, probably medium-bodied.

In the last year we have introduced the Cusano Corojo Dominicano, which is a Corojo leaf long filler from Honduras with Dominican long fillers. It’s a much stronger, more fuller-bodied, spicier cigar. They’re very well-priced. They sell very well and people very much like them. Those are a great complement to our products.