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Dunhill Aged & Signed Range (Video)

In our latest video Ed Lahmann of General Cigar Co talks about two excellent smokes from Dunhill Cigars: the Dunhill Aged and Signed Range.


Welcome to Dunhill, our Dunhill tobacco blended. This is a very luxury brand that’s filled with a lot of heritage. It started in 1907 in London. It’s just known for exquisite tobaccos period. They started with pipes, and they brought cigars into their categories.

The one that you’ll find in most retail stores in America is the Dunhill Aged cigar. You can see that it’s a very clean and sleek packaging. We redesigned this last year to kind of bring it into more modern type wrap set. All of them are 10 count boxes.

So this is your classical selection. It’s got a Connecticut shade wrapper, Dominican tobaccos in the filler. It’s that classical Dominican profile, very smooth, very creamy, very mild. Grassy, a lot of flavors that you’ll get from smoking the Dominican tobaccos wrapped with that Connecticut shade.

Now above we have Dunhill Signed Range. This was launched in 2001. This is really an exclusive blend. It’s a Nicaraguan wrapper, Cameroon binder, and Nicaraguan fillers that gets ratings like crazy. And it’s truly, truly, a good medium, medium-full cigar that delivers on all sorts of categories.