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El Centurion H2KCT (video)

Steve from My Father Cigars sheds some light on the newest blend under the El Centurion line, the H2KCT.

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My name is Steve Royston, I’m the Northeast Territory Sales Manager for My Father Cigars and today I’m here to talk to you a little bit about our brand new release, the El Centurion H2K CT. Now what we have here is a very special cigar and something that’s never been done before. A lot of you are probably asking yourselves right now “what does H2K CT mean?” Well, the H2K, that refers to Habana 2000, that’s the seed varietal of the wrapper that we used on this. The CT refers to Connecticut, as a lot of you might know.

So what we did was we grew the Habana 2000 seed in Connecticut, which is something that’s absolutely never been done before. It’s never been utilized on a cigar. This is an idea that the Garcia family came up with a couple of years ago, not knowing whether or not it was going to work, kind of just took a shot in the dark. And, thankfully, it did and we’re able to utilize it in a really phenomenal blend. We did put it under the El Centurion label.

We adapted the El Centurion blend, which tends to be a little bit medium to full bodied and a little spicier. We kind of toned it down to fit this wrapper. This is going to be more of a medium strength, very, very smooth to the core cigar. It’s going to give you that Pepin style spice up front, but then it’s going to mellow out, just give you a really nice, smooth experience, picks up a very creamy and “cedary” quality; just very, very smooth to the care through and through. You might find that about halfway through towards the finish it may pick up a little more medium plus in strength and a little spice might come back around, but it’s certainly nothing overwhelming.

We definitely blended this cigar to favor the smoker that’s right down the middle and we can easily sell this cigar to anyone who smokes a fuller bodied cigar or a milder cigar. So it’s something for honestly any smoker out there. It’s quickly becoming one of my personal favorites and I think you’ll find that will become one of yours as well. You can find it right here at Best Cigar Prices.