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Epoca by Nat Sherman (Video)

Before Nat Sherman introduced a cigar in his namesake, he produced the Epoca brand of cigars. Following a long hiatus, the Epoca is back with a modern blend in it’s original, classic packaging. In this video Nat Sherman sales director Ike Karipides talks about the all-new Epoca cigar.

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Hello, I’m Ike Karipides, Director of Premium Cigars for Nat Sherman. Epoca, the brand, was the original brand of Nat Sherman. Before Nat had a store or a brand of cigars, he had Epoca. Epoca was a brand manufactured at the turn of the century at the Schwab Brothers and Bear Factory in New York City. In the late ’20s Nat acquired the factory and the brand and started marketing and selling the brand nationwide. After opening his own store under the name, Nat Sherman Tobacconist, to the world and growing the Nat Sherman brand, the Epoca brand was not in the forefront of our marketing strategy and development.

We recently relaunched the brand in all its original packaging and a new blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with an Ecuador wrapper. Although it’s not replicating the original clear Havana of Havana fillers and domestic wrapper, it hearkens to that era with a rich, full flavored cigar yet mild to medium bodied, elegant, creamy smoke with tons of flavor. Available in five traditional sizes, a Corona, a Robusto, a Toro, a true Churchill 7×48, and a large Perfecto, and one newer size, a 6×56.

The Epoca brand is quintessentially Nat Sherman and, like I said, was our original brand. We hope you enjoy them, and they’re available at Best Cigar Prices.