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FDA Extends Comment Period for Cigar Regulation by 30 days

paperwork-1The FDA has extended the comment period an additional 30 days to evaluate the public commentary on the regulation of Premium Cigars. It is expected that an additional request for an extension will be filed, as the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) was originally seeking a 75-day extension.

At press time there have been a total of 34,387 comments submitted by individuals regarding the regulation.

The extension of the comment period comes after a ground swelling of support against regulation of premium cigars, and specifically against the $10 dollars per cigar minimum. Recently we ran a cost comparison showing the potential impact of these brutal regulations if they were placed on industries other than cigars.

These regulations would artificially raise the minimum price to $10 dollars a single cigar, effectively telling manufacturers that they must increase the price of their cigars to that level to avoid huge levels of paperwork, approval process, labels and various other roadblocks between you and your cigars. This is not how the premium cigar industry works. It is likely that many cigar companies would simply halt introduction of new products or jack the prices up to the minimum level to avoid the costly regulation. The FDA’s own estimates indicate that regulation could cut the handmade cigar business in half and cost the industry upwards of $300 million in the next two decades.cigar-money-photo1

The FDA will now be accepting your comments up until August 8th, 2014. We cannot stress enough how urgent it is that you contact the FDA now and make your voice heard. Let them know that no price dictates whether or not a cigar is a “premium.”